Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The most glorious State of Hindustan

Rajasthan can be named as the lifeline of all the tours and packages available in India. The wealthy culture, tradition and glorious past of this State are the most fascinating attractions for the number of tourists that visit this exceptional place year after year. The love and hospitality that this place imparts leaves a very emotional bonding in the minds of the visitors. The numerous national parks & wildlife sanctuaries that the place has to offer are endless. The place drools of its flora and fauna. 

The best wildlife destination to visit while availing Rajasthan holiday packages is the Ranthambore National Park. You can experience the jeep or the elephant safari and explore the various wildlife species of this park. Experience the Camel Safari’s across Thar Desert and you can feel the sensational experience of the Rajasthan nomads and their colorful culture. Rajasthan has the best to offer in terms of Culture, music and cuisine. Their spicy food only adds a spectacular hotness into the air just like the dry hot weather of Rajasthan. The use of extra oils and butter made from camel milk helps you overcome the dryness in the air.

Rajasthan tour packages include the visits to the most heavenly Forts and palaces with the most magnificent architecture existing on earth. Our Rajasthan tour operators have stringed in the best destinations to make your trip valuable and pleasurable. You can visit the Pink City – Jaipur, the Blue City- Jodhpur and the sacred city –Puskar. Udaipur is the most romantic city of Rajasthan and Mount Abu is an extremely wonderful hill station in this area. Jodhpur is famous for the Mehrangarh Fort. While visiting Jaipur one should not miss the City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar. 

All these amazing cities have a splendid history of their very own. The place still holds a very strong fragrance of the royal crowning glories.

Monday, 24 June 2013

The Saffron Valley an untouched paradise- Kashmir

This is the Paradise that uplifts the ecstasy of a human mind. When the British visited this Valley they were so hypnotized that they made it their summer capital. This explains the euphoric beauty of this area.  Kashmir Holidays Packages give you the best opportunity to see the beauty that Nature wanted to showcase in one place. 

Kashmir. Go-explore India presents you the best Kashmir holiday packages for your most deserved vacations. Explore the vastness of Natures Beauty in this place. Jammu & Kashmir is the home to several valleys and the most famous among them is the Kashmir Valley

The Dal Lake is the most important destination in Kashmir. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in India and is surrounded by the snow capped mountains. Along its shores you will find the numerous gardens and orchards. Watch the beautiful Houseboats floating on the lake giving the whole atmosphere a romantic feel.

 Tour packages Kashmir brings you the chance to admire the lush green valleys and the beautiful woods ringed by the snow-capped mountains. The rivers crisscross the areas that bring a feel of freshness in the valley. You can see the cultivation of fresh fruits and flowers, a specialty of the area. The art and craft of the Kashmir is very beautiful. It basically comprises of the art work on wood and steel wares.

Paper-mâché is also a very common crafting in this area. You can pick a lot of souvenirs over here that you can bring back home that will remind you of the beauty of the Paradise on Earth. The most predominant craft is the embroidery work seen on the Kashmiri shawls. These shawls are made of special wool, called the Pashmina which is extracted from the Kel goats.

Friday, 14 June 2013

South India – Journey to the blissful destination

Holidays in South India
It is a stated proof that Holidays in South India can be the most gratifying experience. No wonder the south India tour packages are the most sought destination of travel. The best south India tour package consists of travel to Kerala- Coorg and Kodaikanal .Kerala is the place for the perfect jaunt at the beach. You can relax and lie back on the wonderful sandy beaches and even enjoy the wonderful elephant rides. The ride on the back of the majestic animals sways you through the thick forests and clusters of coconut trees in the area, a truly beguiling event.

Kerala houseboat packages

The Kerala houseboat packages offer you to explore the houseboat experience on the back waters of the state. The hospitality of the people of Kerala is so warm that it invites you to the fascinating place again and again. Another beautiful destination in the south Indian Peninsula is Coorg. Coorg is located at the conjunction of two states of South India, Karnataka and Kerala. This is the actual birth place of River Cauvery.

Kerala holidays tour packages
Coorg is known to have excellent plantations of coffee and cardamom, oranges and pepper. It has the most amazing topography and tourist describe the place as the Scotland in India. The place boasts of being the homeland of one of the strongest warrior community of India the Kodava’s. There is no doubt that once you are in Kodaikanal you will definitely fall for the quiet and peaceful hill station. Every moment you spend here will be heavenly, that’s why this is an essential for Kerala holidays tour packages.

Kerala honeymoon tour packages
The ideal place for your honeymoon, offered by Kerala honeymoon tour packages provides you your complete privacy. Kodaikanal is also a home to the world’s oldest solar observatory which was established in the eighteenth century. This observatory has been working towards decoding the power of solar energy and its uses. Tourists spend hours in the observatory’s library which is stocked up with some numerous books on Astronomy, solar energy etc.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Golden triangle tours India- A Glimpse of the Golden Historical Ages of India

Are you planning to visit India for the first time… the best way to explore and feel the warmth and culture of this beautiful land is to opt for the India golden triangle tour. The tour consists of three major destinations that bring you to an era that consisted of the luxurious style of life and a wonderful holistic phase. You get to feel the intensity and true flavor of the Maharajas and their archeological buildings, style and glamour along with their grandeur. The three memorable destinations of the India golden triangle tour packages are Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Delhi- The capital of this diverse country proudly homes India’s largest mosque, the world’s biggest Hindu temple, and of course South Asia’s largest shopping mall. The capital is an ecstasy of power. It has been a city which has been succeeded by many reigns and has been the fascination of the biggest empires. No wonder Delhi has been the manifesto of historical happenings of the country and still is.
Jaipur- The majestic place with the most colorful pictures and culture is the capital city of Rajasthan. The moment you enter this city you can feel the warmth and fragrance of the history. The grandeur of the Maharajas and their respective reigns.  The war summons and the enchanting music and cuisine. Each aspect of the place in terms of cuisine or music is defined by the hot spice of the culture. 

Golden triangle tours India
Agra- A euphoric city built by the great Emperor Shah Jahan in the sweet memory of his beloved wife. The air in the city smells of the bygone era of Love and Passion. Agra is also the host to a large number of festivals like the Taj Mahostav held between 18-27 February every year and the Sheetla Fair. The Kalish Fair is held in (Aug-Sep), and the Urs and Bateshwar Fair in November. You cannot afford to miss the Golden triangle tours India.