Friday, 5 October 2012

Breathe in a bit of Gujarat – ‘Khushboo Gujarat Ki’

Khushboo Gujarat Ki
Gujarat is getting popular with every passing day and even international tourists are pouring into this Indian state to experience its raw culture. The 'Khushboo Gujarat Ki' campaign, which features Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has had a major impact on tourists from India too. In Hindi, the word ‘Khushboo’ means aroma. 

Let’s take a virtual tour to Gujarat. Through this post, we are going to highlight important things you should know about Gujarat before visiting this beautiful Indian destination. 

Important cities –Most important cities of Gujarat are Gandhinagar (administrative capital of Gujarat, city of Akshardham Temple and the second planned Green City), Ahmedabad (Manchester of the East, commercial capital of Gujarat, home of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram and the World’s finest Textile Museum), Junagadh(city of ancient Ashokan Stone Edicts), Rajkot( former capital of the state of Saraushtra), Surat (Diamond City, famous for mouth watering Surati food), Vadodara (Cultured City, Oxford of Gujarat), Bhavnagar  (busy industrial centre, base for journeys to nearby sites), and Jamnagar (home to the world’s largest Grass-Root Refinery complex).

Culture, dance forms and people - Natives of Gujarat can be classified into different ethnic groups. There are many tribal groups also residing in the state. Gujarati culture and tradition lays much emphasis on the dance and art forms. There are many folk dances performed by the natives in vibrant and colorful attires. These dances represent the prosperity during the major festivities taking place. Many of these traditions date back to the ancient times. Popular dance forms of Gujarat are the Garba dance, dandiya, Bhavai, and Tippani dance.
Gir Forest National Park
Tourist attractions - Gir Forest National Park, Pirotan Island, Dholavira (Harappan Civilization Site), White Desert of Kutch (A desert), Champaner (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Lothal (Harappan Civilization Port), Rani ni Vav (A renowned stepwell of 1304 AD.), The Sun Temple Modhera (1000 years old famous Sun Temple), The Somanath temple, The Dwarka (The Dwarka is assumed to have been built by Lord Krishna himself).  Cuisine - Gujarati food is chiefly vegetarian and consists of sweet and spicy blend of tastes. The traditional Gujarati platter mostly includes rotli, dal or kadhi, sabzi also known as shaak and rice. Most of the Gujarati dishes are sweet, while others have a quite larger concentration of sugar as compared to salt and spices.

Gujarat is recognized for the Stepped Wells, Jain Temples, Asiatic Lion and business oriented people. There are many Gujarat tourism packages that tourists can choose from to visit Gujarat. If you too are planning to visit Gujarat, you can opt for some of the best Gujarat tour packages at Visit this spectacular Indian state to experience the ‘Khushboo Gujarat ki’.