Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Rich, Fiery, & Delicious Flavors of Rajasthan

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Rajasthani food is filled with aroma, flavor, and colors. Characterized by the minimum use of water, the dishes use a lot of butter and ghee. Also, the milk and buttermilk are liberally used in the preparation of traditional dishes. Most popular Rajasthani dishes include Panchkoota, Balusahi, Besan-Chakki, Chaavadi, Bail-Gatte, Laapasi, Nukhti, Churma, Dhungari Hui Chaach, Ghevar, Googri, Jhajariya, Raabdi, and Tarfini. Popular snacks include onion kachori, malai kulfi, Gola, papda, and ghevar.

For a traditional Rajasthani family, food time is a formal event where the whole family sits down together. Women of the family serve the smoking hot food straight from the wood fire open ovens called choolah. Influenced by the Marwari or warrior culture, Rajasthani cuisine uses a lot of ingredients like Lentil, bajra, chillies, corn and mango powder, along with a heavy taste and texture of ghee or butter. One can also notice the use of besan or gram flour in the preparations. For non vegans, there are ample of choices like the Laal maas (meat cooked in red chilly curry), Mohan maas (meat cooked in milk), Safed maas (meat cooked in pureed dry fruits and yogurt), Saanth ro achaar (wild boar meat pickled), Khad Khargosh (wild hare cooked and roasted underground).

Snacking is also a popular practice here and a lot of small shops in the streets are known to sell lip smacking items like green chilli fritters, samosa, bhujiya, and lassi (butter milk shake). Other salty items include daal-moth, mathri, bhujia, khatta-meetha sev. Commonly found sweets in such shops are laddos, pedas and ghevar.

Sweets are an integral part of the Rajasthani gastronomy. The special thing about Rajasthani sweets is that you can have them before or after meal, and sometimes even with the meal. There are no restrictions! Popular sweets include Besanchakki, Dilkhushaal, Churma, Balushahi, Motichoor ladoos, and Ghevar. Not only this, each region is famous for its special sweet. For example, Mawa Kachori is from Jodhpur; Malpuas from Pushkar; Ghevar from Jaipur; Diljani from Udaipur; mishri mawa and ghever grom Jaipur; Sohan Halwa from Ajmer; Papad and Rasogullas from Bikaner; Mawa from Alwar, kachora from Nasirabad; and tilpatti from Beawar.

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