Friday, 14 June 2013

South India – Journey to the blissful destination

Holidays in South India
It is a stated proof that Holidays in South India can be the most gratifying experience. No wonder the south India tour packages are the most sought destination of travel. The best south India tour package consists of travel to Kerala- Coorg and Kodaikanal .Kerala is the place for the perfect jaunt at the beach. You can relax and lie back on the wonderful sandy beaches and even enjoy the wonderful elephant rides. The ride on the back of the majestic animals sways you through the thick forests and clusters of coconut trees in the area, a truly beguiling event.

Kerala houseboat packages

The Kerala houseboat packages offer you to explore the houseboat experience on the back waters of the state. The hospitality of the people of Kerala is so warm that it invites you to the fascinating place again and again. Another beautiful destination in the south Indian Peninsula is Coorg. Coorg is located at the conjunction of two states of South India, Karnataka and Kerala. This is the actual birth place of River Cauvery.

Kerala holidays tour packages
Coorg is known to have excellent plantations of coffee and cardamom, oranges and pepper. It has the most amazing topography and tourist describe the place as the Scotland in India. The place boasts of being the homeland of one of the strongest warrior community of India the Kodava’s. There is no doubt that once you are in Kodaikanal you will definitely fall for the quiet and peaceful hill station. Every moment you spend here will be heavenly, that’s why this is an essential for Kerala holidays tour packages.

Kerala honeymoon tour packages
The ideal place for your honeymoon, offered by Kerala honeymoon tour packages provides you your complete privacy. Kodaikanal is also a home to the world’s oldest solar observatory which was established in the eighteenth century. This observatory has been working towards decoding the power of solar energy and its uses. Tourists spend hours in the observatory’s library which is stocked up with some numerous books on Astronomy, solar energy etc.