Friday, 26 April 2013

‘Must Buy’ items from Rajasthan

Rajasthan tour packages
Rajasthan is the largest Indian state. People arrive here from the all corners of the world. In fact, exploring this place is indeed a delighting experience. Rajasthan is famous for forts and palaces, no doubt! But, shopping in Rajasthan is yet another exciting activity. Local markets of Rajasthan are so enthralling that you just cannot miss them. There is so much to buy that anyone can become confuse easily.  Let’s throw a light upon what you can buy and from where in Rajasthan:

Jaipur and Chittorgarh

Jaipur is also known as the Pink City, and Chittorgarh is a home to many historical places. Apart from this, these two destinations are exclusively popular for purchasing gold jewelry.  These are the best places to buy ethnic jewelry studded with semi precious to precious stones. In fact, these two places are capable to cater 32 percent gold requirement from all across the world. These two are the best places to buy ‘thewa’ style jewelry.


Jaisalmer is exclusively popular for camel hair and leather products. You can find them in replete in the local markets of Jaisalmer. You can find an exclusive range of embroidered camel leather products like bags, fancy purses, etc. Camel hair blankets are yet another popular item from Jaisalmer. Someone can also purchase miniature paintings from the land of Jaisalmer.  You can shop here endlessly.

Jodhpur and Udaipur

These two are prominent destinations of Rajasthan. Rajasthan holiday packages  are  the best way to explore these two locations. These are popular places for purchasing antiques, footwear, dyes, teas and various other spices. These two locations are also popular for architectural fixtures like doors, metal objects, etc.

 Apart from aforementioned, entire Rajasthan is famous for traditional ‘lakh Jewelry items’ like bangles, necklace, etc. Traditional Rajasthani wear like ‘ghagra choli’ and ‘dhoti kurta’  are quite popular items to purchase. You can find them in the nook and corner of the state. In fact, these are the best items to be purchased as the souvenir  of your journey.  is one of the leading Rajasthan tour operators, offering top class travel plans. They offer extensive holiday Packages to explore this royal Indian state. You can experience the magic of Rajasthan with their  smartly design travel plans. Moreover, they announce lucrative discounts and other schemes from time and again. Visit their website to learn the best.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Explore the authentic Kashmiri platter

Kashmiri rice
Kashmir is known not just known for the abundance of natural beauty; in fact, delicacies from authentic Kashmiri Cuisine are world famous. Arrive here to taste the heavenly tasty food. Fresh aroma of spices is quite enthralling. Mainly, spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and saffron are the indispensable part of Kashmiri food. The staple diet from the Kashmir is rice. 

Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine
From simple to colorful and aromatic, rice is cooked in a variety of ways in Kashmir. Predominately, rice is served with a mouth watering non-vegetarian delicacies. There is a variety of dishes prepared using Mutton, chicken and fish in authentic Kashmiri Cuisine. Mainly, they are cooked using vegetables in sufficient amount. A list of few popular meat and vegetable combination includes Mutton and turnips, chicken and spinach, fish and lotus root. These combinations are extremely popular in Kashmir Valley. 

Wazwan style food.
Kashmir is exclusively popular for holding Wazwan. It is a type of feast in which at least 10-15 people are invited. A range of finger licking dishes is served in Wazwan. Apart from authentic drink Kehwah, a special type of Persian tea has also become the part of this grand hospitality. In fact, when you arrive in Kashmir, then head towards Residency road, as there are many restaurants and eateries which offer Wazwan style food. 

labyrinths of Boulevard,

Other than this, labyrinths of Boulevard, Lambert Lane, Lal Chowk are few highly recognized places for exploring the authentic Kashmiri food. Moreover, you can find the range of bakeries and authentic sweet shops  as well in these places. You can experience mentioned above through Kashmir holiday packages. It is the best way to live up the unforgettable Kashmir experience.

Kashmiri dum-aloo i
Apart from non vegetarian dishes, there is a no dearth of taste bud smacking vegetarian dishes. Kashmiri dum-aloo is one popular dish from the valley which is immensely popular across the nation. It is a type of roasted potatoes served in a rich gravy made from cashew nut paste, hot spice and cottage cheese. Undoubtedly, this heavenly tasted dish is a part of sumptuous Kashmiri food

Kashmir tour packages

Goexplore-India is one of the leading tour operators offering top class Kashmir tour packages. Their tour plans are the best combination of rare sightseeing and top notch excursions from the area. There all plans are backed by the excellent team of customer care, which remain operational on 24 x 7 mode. They leave no stone unturned to make your journey blissful and unforgettable. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

Explore houseboat tour in Kerala

Best Kerala houseboat packages
A houseboat is a quite a magnificent way of human dwelling on water.  Houseboats in Kerala, South India are huge wooden structure floating on water. Mainly, it is used for the leisure trips. In fact, houseboats in Kerala are considered as one of the most feasible mode of transportation. Houseboat has a long history in Kerala. In earlier times, it was used for ferrying the rice and other spices. With the course of time, the usage of houseboat has been changed. Now, it is considered as one of the most popular tourist excursions from the Kerala.

Kerala honeymoon tour packages
Usually, houseboats are about 60 to 70 feet long and 15 feet wide in the middle. As the name suggests, it is a house constructed on the boat. The house is equipped with all the basic amenities for comfortable human dwelling, including well furnished bedrooms, kitchen, living room and balcony area. These boats are poled by the engine as well as local oarsmen. In fact, it is an integral part of Kerala honeymoon tour packages. This Indian way of cruising is becoming one of the popular wedding destinations as well. 

Kerala houseboat packages
These days theme weddings are quite popular, and there is no dearth of people who choose houseboat as the venue for their wedding. Owing to this, Kerala is also considered as the romantic travel destination. Alleppey backwaters of Kerala are considered as the most sought after destination for exploring houseboat tours. 

backwaters of Kerala
Cruising on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala is indeed a divine experience that you just cannot afford to miss. Even the interiors of the houseboat are done with natural products. Roofing is done with bamboo mats and wood from the area and wood of coconut tree is used for the flooring purpose. Lighting arrangements are made using the solar panels. 

There are various tour operators which offer the best Kerala houseboat packages, but goexplore-India is one of the leading tour travel agents offering the best Kerala holiday tour packages.

 Live up the unforgettable Kerala holidays  with their travel plans.  Their  tour plans include the best sightseeing and all ‘must do’ excursions from the location. Their all plans are supported by an extraordinary team of customer care. They offer the best south India tour packages to experience the real magic of  the Malabar Coast. Kerala holiday is indeed a divine experience that everybody should explore at least for once. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

India golden triangle tour - A must explored itinerary

Taj Mahal
India is rich by many beautiful heritage buildings, forts, gardens and many amazing landscapes. Exploring this pious land is indeed a fun-filled experience. Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are three destinations, which are well occupied by historical places and a number of fun excursions. In fact, the ultimate epitome of love ‘Taj Mahal’ is situated in Agra.  It is one of the well recognized buildings of the world, also consider as the wonder structure. In fact, people from across the globe fly down here to experience ultimate beauty and splendor of this building. Your north excursion cannot be completed without visiting this building. 

Food of Delhi
Go explore-India offered an India golden triangle tour is a perfect itinerary, which covers all three destinations. The journey begins with capital city Delhi, the charm and luster of this city are beyond imagination. The labyrinths of Old Delhi to the high class cosmopolitan culture of New Delhi, everything is just captivating. If you are looking to explore the rich urban India, then you cannot stay off from Delhi. This city is popular for mouth watering delicacies as well. Do not forget to taste the spicy street Food of Delhi. This will be a treat to your taste buds. For a clue you can start your feast with spicy chaat, dahi bhalle, samosas, sugery jaleebis, gulab jamun, etc. There is an endless list of delightful recipes.

Golden triangle tours India
The next destination of Golden triangle tours India is Jaipur. It is yet another popular destination which offers a plethora of exciting activities. Also known as the Pink City of India, this city has a large number of forts and palaces which are made from pink colored stone. Hawa Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal are the representations of world class architecture. Let’s take an example of Hawa Mahal, this unique five storey building has 953 small windows, which makes the building absolutely breathtaking. In fact, this building is a subject of interest not only for tourists but archaeologist as well.

The aforementioned are just a tip of the iceberg. You can experience a lot more with the India golden triangle tour packages  provided  by the Experience the taste of authentic India with this travel plan. In fact, this plan is the best source to live up a rich heritage culture along with a sensation of  the big city life in the most pocket friendly rates.