Saturday, 23 March 2013

Explore the panoramic beauty of Kashmir

Kashmir Valley
If there be paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here! It is a famous line once recited by the Mughal Emperor Jehangeer. Even today some call it a heaven on earth, while some confer the title of ‘ Switzerland  of India’. Well, whatever you call it, Kashmir Valley is indeed an  enchanting part of  North India. From adventure sports to scenic beauty this place has a lot to offer to travelers. This place is repleted with numerous tourist destinations, which are absolutely breathtaking. 

floating house
You can explore a range of activities like water rafting, para gliding, and many more. Head towards the Dal Lake in Srinagar, which is stretched in the area of  15.5 kilometers and surrounded by the beautiful  Mughal era gardens ( it is a common term for Shalimar and Nishat gardens). It is indeed an awesome place where you can spend hours unnoticed. This place is also popular for taking houseboat rides also known as ‘ Shikaras’. If you come here during the month of August and July, then you will see entire lake is  filled  with Lotus flowers.  This phenomena is also known as  floating gardens. This time around cruising along the lake in the colorful Shikaras is indeed an enthralling experience. 

Shalimar and Nishat gardens
A beautiful panorama of the Shalimar and Nishat gardens from the houseboat is worth a million bucks. Explore the beauty of Kashmir  Valley  through the Kashmir holiday packages. Holiday packages are the best way of experiencing the unforgettable holidays.
Other than aforementioned, there are many golf courses in the vicinity of Dal Lake. Although, during the winters the temperature drops below the zero degree Celsius, and during that period of time, the lake comes to a grinding halt with zero tourist activities. is one of the leading tour operators offering world class  tour packages   for Kashmir. The tour packages they offer are backed by the team of experts and  top quality customer care. They make sure that customer should not face any trouble when they are on fun excursion either alone or with the family. Their tour packages are pocket friendly, design and develop as per the needs of the travelers. Moreover, they make the staying arrangement in the best hotel and resort with the extraordinary dining facility.  That is why they cherish a rich list of repeat customers. Explore the web entity to get the details.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Holi - A festival of colors

 Holi is one of the major festivals in India, celebrated with equal zeal and passion throughout the country. Although, the name and traditions can vary as per different Indian states, but the enthusiasm to celebrate the festival is alike. Usually, this festival falls during the ‘phagun’ month last from March to April. Let’s see how this festival is celebrated in different Indian states: 

Dahi Handi Holi 

Typically, Gujaratis  and Maharastrians  welcome this festival with finger licking food, foot tapping music, and powdered colors. This festival officially marks the beginning of the agricultural season of the ‘Rabi’ crop. On the day of the festival, a bonfire is lited on the prominent places of the town. During the first half of the day people gather around the bonfire, and remain engaged in dancing, singing and other merrymaking activities. 

Usually, this festival falls in parallel to Navratri celebration. In fact, ancient tribes of Gujarat too observe this festival with equal fun and fervor. If you go extreme in Maharastra then, you will see that there is a tradition to hang a pot filled with buttermilk in the main squares of the town. The pot is called as ‘ dahi handi’ in local terms. It is a long cherished tradition here to break the hand by young boys by making a shape of the human pyramid.  The sight is almost same in Gujarat  as well. It is worth exploring the Gujarati Holi celebration from the tourist’s perspective.

Braj ke Lathmar Holi

Utter Pradesh is world famous for ‘Barsane ke holi’. Here a ‘lath mar holi’ is played in the Radha Rani temple. During the celebration, thousands of  women gather  in the temple premises, and  chase men with the stick in order to beat them, men protects themselves with shields. Many foreign tourists fly down here just to witness the holi celebration. Here the celebrations start at least a month before the arrival of the actual festival.

Likewise, if you go to Mathura, it is a birth place of Lord Krishna, a grand holi puja is organized over here. In fact, all the Braj region including Vrindavan, Hathras, Aligarh, Agra is famous for holi specific  special  worship.

Bhang Celebration in Bihar

Bihar is extremely colorful and vibrant Indian state. In a local Bhojpuri language the festival is known as Phaguwa. Here two people light bonfire and do worship with cow dung cake. There is a popular tradition to burn unwanted pieces of woods in the bonfire. ‘Gujihya’ is a holi specific food that is cooked in almost every household. Gujihya is  a special  type of sweet dish that is prepared by Maida and condensed milk. 

In this day people come out from their houses and organized social gatherings. They put colors on each other’s faces , and sweeten their mouths with Gujiya.  There is also a tradition to serve Bhang  to whosoever pays a  visit  to the house. Bhang is a type of alcoholic agent  that intoxicates the body. In fact, many  people serve Bhang in the forms of sweets. However,  be aware before eating any such  dish.

Holi is a festival of colors.  People in India leave no stone unturned in making the festival memorable. First holi of newlyweds is celebrated on a grand scale. It is worth becoming a part of this festival in order to taste the splendor of  the colorful celebration. Try  Exploring India during the month of March to experience an unforgettable India tour.
Happy Holi!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Kerala – A tropical paradise

Kerala houseboat packages

Kerala is a beautiful state situated in the southern part of India.  This tropical paradise consists waving palms and beaches filled with golden sand. This highly literate Indian state is best known for amazing mountains, the vast backwaters reservoir, the aroma of spices, coconuts and a beautiful art form  called as  ‘Mohini Attam’.

Owing to the plethora of picturesque locations Kerala is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations as well. In fact, there are many Kerala honeymoon tour packages as well in order to make your holidays unforgettable. This Indian state is also popular for having amazing Ayurvedic spas and various herbal treatments. A single session of these spas rejuvenates your mind and soul.

Sky- High Mountain ranges to pristine rain forest. This Indian state has a lot more to offer to the visitors. Kerala holiday tour packages are one of the most exclusive ways of exploring this Indian state across its length and breadth. 

Let’s cast a light upon few prominent regions of the state:


This is an exclusive region largely acknowledged for a rich heritage, finger licking Malabar cuisine, textiles, etc.  The region is also known for Malabar beaches as well. This place is home to many hill resorts as well.

Central Kerala

It is one of the most prosperous parts of Kerala. Central Kerala includes the districts of Ernakulam, Thrissur and Palakkad. Explore these places through best south India tour packages, which comprises all above destinations.

Apart from aforementioned, this Indian state is exclusively popular for breathtaking houseboat tours. Taking a houseboat tour is an immensely romantic experience. Explore the amazing houseboat ride through appropriate Kerala houseboat packages. This is one of the most popular excursions from the Kerala and you just cannot afford to miss it.

Furthermore, Kerala is considered as one of the safest region in India. Local people are quite warm and friendly, and you will hardly hear any case of tourist cheating.  Such cases are almost non-existent here. Hence, it is the most ideal place for tourists can sit back and relax without any fear.  To ease their journey they can opt for the suitable South India tour packages. offers amazing Kerala holidays tour packages featuring all the prominent locations from the state. The plans they offer are exclusive design and backed by the extraordinary customer care, so the tourists can enjoy an unforgettable journey.  Come and experience this amazing land through our exclusive travel plans.             

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Explore the personalized thrill ‘Shopping’

Taj Mahal Agra

Rajasthan is a land of rich culture and tradition. It is exclusively popular for Pink City Jaipur. Likewise, Delhi has a quite important place on the map, not only being the epicenter of political activities, but owing to amazing sightseeing as well. Agra is situated  in the vicinity of  capital city New Delhi. Agra is a land of  historic structure Taj Mahal Agra and known for the variety of reasons.

Altogether, aforementioned  three are  culturally  rich  cities, owing to which there is a lot to explore in terms of shopping. From the authentic Rajasthani jewelry to ‘ Agre ke Petha’, labyrinths of Chandni Chowk  to Jaipur ke lehanga, these enchanting Indian states have lots to offer.
Let’s throw a light upon some of the popular items from the town:

Leather Shopping
Ramganj Bazaar

Jaipur is  an integral part of India golden triangle tour. Adjoining  areas of  Hawa Mahal, Link road,  Ramganj Bazaar are exclusive for leather products, like bags, jooties, pouches, chair backrests, lampshades, kopis, water bottles, etc. These products are made from premium quality leather. You can procure them from  100 to 1500 bucks depending upon the style and quality. It is must buy item. You can find nice leather products in Delhi as well.

 Rajasthani Sarees and Jewelry

It is yet another eye pleasing alternatives to purchase. Rajasthan is exclusively known for the Lakh jewelry sets. You can allocate an extensive range of jewelry pieces in various price ranges. You can also buy traditional  Rajasthani Lehanga choli  if  you are not fond of wearing sarees.

Replicas of  Taj Mahal

Golden triangle tours India.
Taj Mahal is a beautiful structure which is counted among the seven wonders of the world. Well, you have an option to install such marvelous structure in your home. You can find mini replicas of Taj Mahal in every nook and corner of the city. Moreover, you can procure it custom made as well,  as there are various vendors who can make it as per your choice. Agra is yet another important part of Golden triangle tours India.

Well, Delhi is exclusively popular for finger licking street food. Moreover, labyrinths of Delhi markets are the ideal place to explore a range of clothing options. Moreover, all the leading fashion designers are having their outlet in Delhi. So, you can fetch a whole range of branded clothes.

Goexplore-india  is the most genuine source of allocating the India golden triangle tour packages. Their plans are exclusive to the taste and budget of the travelers. Moreover, they serve their customers with equal zeal and passion, and leave no stone unturned in making their travel blissful. Therefore, they cherish a rich list of repeat customers.