Friday, 19 April 2013

Explore the authentic Kashmiri platter

Kashmiri rice
Kashmir is known not just known for the abundance of natural beauty; in fact, delicacies from authentic Kashmiri Cuisine are world famous. Arrive here to taste the heavenly tasty food. Fresh aroma of spices is quite enthralling. Mainly, spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and saffron are the indispensable part of Kashmiri food. The staple diet from the Kashmir is rice. 

Authentic Kashmiri Cuisine
From simple to colorful and aromatic, rice is cooked in a variety of ways in Kashmir. Predominately, rice is served with a mouth watering non-vegetarian delicacies. There is a variety of dishes prepared using Mutton, chicken and fish in authentic Kashmiri Cuisine. Mainly, they are cooked using vegetables in sufficient amount. A list of few popular meat and vegetable combination includes Mutton and turnips, chicken and spinach, fish and lotus root. These combinations are extremely popular in Kashmir Valley. 

Wazwan style food.
Kashmir is exclusively popular for holding Wazwan. It is a type of feast in which at least 10-15 people are invited. A range of finger licking dishes is served in Wazwan. Apart from authentic drink Kehwah, a special type of Persian tea has also become the part of this grand hospitality. In fact, when you arrive in Kashmir, then head towards Residency road, as there are many restaurants and eateries which offer Wazwan style food. 

labyrinths of Boulevard,

Other than this, labyrinths of Boulevard, Lambert Lane, Lal Chowk are few highly recognized places for exploring the authentic Kashmiri food. Moreover, you can find the range of bakeries and authentic sweet shops  as well in these places. You can experience mentioned above through Kashmir holiday packages. It is the best way to live up the unforgettable Kashmir experience.

Kashmiri dum-aloo i
Apart from non vegetarian dishes, there is a no dearth of taste bud smacking vegetarian dishes. Kashmiri dum-aloo is one popular dish from the valley which is immensely popular across the nation. It is a type of roasted potatoes served in a rich gravy made from cashew nut paste, hot spice and cottage cheese. Undoubtedly, this heavenly tasted dish is a part of sumptuous Kashmiri food

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