Thursday, 18 July 2013

Kerala - Enjoy the best south India tour packages

Kerala holiday tour packages
Kerala is known for its beautiful landscapes, backwaters, dense forests and picturesque Waterfalls. Sip the most flavored coffee on the cruises of the Houseboats and soak yourself in the most amazing freshness of the area. Kerala houseboat packages are the most refreshing packages for your most awaited vacations. This place has the goodness of the Ayurvedic treatments. Bring down your stress levels with the best rejuvenating spa treatments. With the herbal therapies of the treatments you can cure most of your problems.
Kerala - Best south India tour packages
Kerala has more than ten Wild life sanctuaries with abound forms of wild animals. For the wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers and botanists this place is most exciting as deep inside the sanctuary you may spot the rarest animals such as lion-tailed macaque and Bengal tiger.  While on your visits to these sanctuaries you can see the playful elephants and even spot the mystique deer running around in the lush green dense forests of the area. We offer you the best south India tour packages which are the most pocket friendly packages.

Kerala cuisine
Kerala has the capacity to export at least 50-60 tones of bananas every day. These bananas are of different shape and sizes and colors. Most of these varieties are not available in the domestic market. Bananas are eaten in the raw form and also in the ripe form. The Kerala cuisine uses this rich fruit in most of its dishes. The leaves of the Banana Tree are also used to serve the delicious dishes on an eco friendly plate! Enjoy the best south India tour packages and indulge in the spiciest food of the southern part of the most amazing country. You will not regret the time spent in this wonderful destination.