Saturday, 17 November 2012

Best Tips to Travel in India, the Ultimate Holiday Destination

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The beautiful land of India has served as the background for many renowned documentaries and movies from around the world. Cultural diversity and rich history make it one of the most visited places in the world. There are many reasons as to why people enjoy visiting India. Some reasons that can be attributed to this are the presence of majestic forts, beautiful palaces and extraordinary places of worship in India. 

Many international travelers visit it to enjoy its cheap holiday destinations. If you too are planning a holiday tour package in India, it is advisable you read some tips to have unforgettable and equally fun filled holidays. Amongst the most popular holidays, the Taj Mahal tour has always amused people from all over the world including the locals. This amazing monument has captured the attention of poets, filmmakers and writers, and commoners. It is not only the beauty of the monument but the love story associated with it. Other must-see destinations in India for history admirers include Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Puri, and Mathura. You can also take up a wildlife tour package to the best national parks of India.

The best time to visit India is often decided by the climate as it plays an important role in deciding the apt time to visit India. It is important to understand that climate in north India is completely than in south India. There are mainly three seasons in India: summer, monsoon, and winter. The best time to spend a wander vacation in India would be during the winters between November and March. During the summers, you can explore cooler areas like Himalayan circuit and northwest hill stations.  
Try not to squeeze too much into your schedule as it may leave you feeling exhausted and at nowhere but with too many memories of the place. It is wise to remain flexible with your time, travel plan and journey budget. 

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If you can spare some luxury, then it is always better to avoid booking taxis from your luxury hotel. Always remember to ask prior your ride about any extra costs like the air-conditioning or toll charges. 

Many travelers visiting India finds it challenging to deal with the poverty and desperation found in different parts of India. Beggars may often flock you. To give alms or not is entirely up to you but be aware of the fact that giving alms is not a long term solution. You can either contribute to the registered charity groups or ask for a receipt while contributing to churches or temples. 

Happy holidays!