Monday, 21 January 2013

How to select the best Rajasthan holiday Packages

Rajasthan is one of the largest Indian states. Journey to this Royal state is indeed a magical experience. There are numerous tour operators which offer so many deals to make your journey memorable. Owing to the range of choices, it becomes almost impossible to select the best. Well, before considering any travel plan, it is quite imperative to ponder upon the pros and cons of the plan. Otherwise your hard earned money could go in vain, and you can land up with a bitter experience.

Consider the following parameters before selecting your travel itinerary:

Rajasthan holiday Packages
Must consider the duration of different Rajasthan holiday Packages. Keep in mind, Rajasthan is quite big in terms of area. You cannot taste the splendor of this magical state in the short duration. Do not consider travel package which are just 2-3 days long.  Always consider a travel plan that is at least a week long.  You will be left unsatisfied if you embark on a short Journey.

Added locations

Delhi, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri are adjoining locations of Rajasthan. Select a travel plan that includes a side trip to aforementioned locations as well. These locations are the perks to your Rajasthan tour.


This is yet another quite important parameter. Do bear in mind; it is a long trip, so your accommodation should be nice and comfortable. Compare the hotel arrangement and amenities offered by the various Rajasthan tour operators, and then only select your travel plan.

Sight Seeing and other excursions

This royal state offers plenty of sightseeing and thrilling excursions. Make sure the tour operator is offering the best sightseeing locations. A little Google search will help you immensely in this regard. Same time, do not choose a plan that included so many locations in the limited span of time. Consider plan which offers maximum destinations in the reasonable duration. 
Rajasthani cuisine
Likewise, make sure what type of excursions they are offering and how much mentally and physically equipped you are to perform to those activities.


This is quite tricky, as most of the time you will be on road journey.  Many tour operators charge you for the food  beforehand. Check properly how they are arranging catering facility at outdoor locations. is the best source of finding the best travel plan pertaining to Rajasthan tour. They offer the best deal which absolute worth of your money.